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Flaming Lips, Samba & Capoeira

“Flaming Talks”, the show with the hottest peppers and even hotter questions. We have interesting guests to get to know.


It was like giving birth! Come to think about it… labor was easier. “Flaming Talks”, the show with the hottest peppers and even hotter questions. We have interesting guests to get to know.


Being from Indian-Surinam descent I started eating peppers from a very young age. My dad always made his own hot sauce/chutney and of course he taught me how. If you open my freezer you’re bound to find some kind of hot pepper mix. I throw it in everything… I don’t even think about it anymore. I once had friends over for dinner. I served them lasagna. Yes, I know it’s an Italian dish. But everyone loves chilies….. right?
So one of them took a bite and he almost choked. He bit straight into a large piece of pepper. I couldn’t even remember when I put it in there. Oeps…

So when contemplating life, a friend brought up the fact that me and peppers are 1! Fascinated by Sean Evans’ “Hot ones” on his Youtube Channel (Now we Feast) we decided we can do it better! We started thinking about this concept and today is the day I present you: Flaming Talks.

A few fun facts regarding peppers
There are different peppers starting at the red, green or yellow pepper and ending at the Carolina Reaper. One of the most famous “Chili heads” must be mister Wilbur Scoville. He took the time to grade the different peppers from mild to straight up A-holes! He created the Scoville scale to measure the hotness. Here’s why I probably love peppers. It releases endorfines when eating them. Endorfines are the Happy hormones!

Just to give you an example. Cayenne pepper is around 2.000 on the scale of Scoville, while the hottest pepper is 2.200.000!

Back to Flaming Talks


Laiolano (MR LAIO on Instagram), 25 years old and lives in Belgium

I soon found my first victim (I mean contestant!) in the form of Laiolano. He participated in a show called Temptation Island. He was one of the bachelors who were send to the island to mess with the ladies. I love watching Temptation Island. It’s like watching a trainwreck. It’s horrible but you can’t look away.

What are these couples thinking? They are testing their relationships? I don’t think many of us are strong enough to withhold such temptation. This is not a regular setting. It’s like you’re stranded on a island full of beautiful and eager virgins. Everyone is throwing themselves at you. You have to be a strong bitch to fight them of!

Anyhow, Laio is Brazilian and loves fitness, dancing and his grandma. After explaining the concept of “Flaming Talks” Laio didn’t hesitate and was in for a afternoon of fun! To tell you the truth I was a bit stressed. It was our first time building our set and working with this team. I spent the day (and night) before preparing the hot sauces and the appetizers. I decided to make some typical ‘Indian/Surinam’ appetizers to also celebrate my roots. I made Sumosa, pie, chicken masala and of course roti.

We had such a blast during the taping of this episode. We had one little malfunction with the sound. So please bear with me! Let’s focus on Laio who must of died twice. Have a look for yourself.

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