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What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

I always love to read other blogger’s “What’s in my bag” posts. It says a lot about a person. How organized or messy are they?

So today I’m sharing my own! Let me first reveal that my bag can be pretty messy. If I’m in a rush I just shove stuff in there and go out the door! I usually have wipes, snacks and my wallet on me.

Picard Backpack – I bought this cutie at Zalando.

Wipes – I love these wipes from my local Drug store. Not too moist (horrible word) and it won’t dry too quick.

Alesto Nuts & Berries – The perfect snack when feeling hungry. Full of cashew, cranberries, raisins and something I don’t know the name of (sorry).

Pencils – I think I got these pencils from my sons Daycare. They are nice and petit and come in handy when he wants to color.

Bank E.dentifier– For the money transactions. Dollar dollar bills y’all!

Kate Spade wallet – My trusty compagnon. She and I have been together for quite a while. Fits all my bills, cards and other thing people put in their wallets.

NYX Cosmetics “I woke up like this” Lipgloss – The perfect nude color!

Chocolates – Got them after lunch at Bagels & Beans. Did you see what’s written on them? Life happens… Chocolate helps! Do you need anything else?

This is my bag on a good day!

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